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Creative Experiences Inspired by

the Word of God

Welcome to the Inspired Ministries online experience!
We invite you to explore Inspired Ministries online to capture an idea that will hopefully spark an inspiration. We are excited to share with you ideas and concepts of ways to bless others through creative expressions of God's love, the hope we have in Jesus Christ, and the peace received through the Holy Spirit. Ready to be inspired? Take a peek and turn an inspiration into a reality. We're here to help show you how.
Inspired Moments

The love of God, His joy and His beauty have been woven into each event I have had the privilege to participate in in one form or another. The sisterhood, the knitting together of hearts, the handmade gifts, are all treasures. And I know for myself, and trust for others who attended an event or were blessed to serve will cherish those moments always.


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into a reality
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