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Spirit of Teatime

You are invited to an inspiring experience!

You are encouraged to drop by, spend some time with us, and explore different ideas we have created to inspire you. Sit down. Kick your shoes off. Sip a cup of tea, and discover ways to enhance your gift of giving. Each ministry area offers ideas and concepts designed to showcase experiences you can create for others.  You don't have to do things the way we have done them. Use the concepts but make them your own. Click on photos for a brief description and/or a specific concept we have shared with you. Should you use a concept or idea from our website, kindly acknowledge Inspired Ministries online with the attribution statement, "inspired by Inspired Ministries online" and share our website with others. We do not grant permission to use, copy, or reproduce our actual images posted on the website. 


We would love to hear from you and learn about your inspired moments. Join the Fellowship Community to share your creative experiences and ideas with others. Through Inspired Ministries online, we hope you will Be inspired! and Be blessed



Be inspired by books, booklets, and other publications that have inspired some of our creative expressions, fellowship events, and teatime ministries.

"Be Blessed" Mini Book 

"Be Blessed" is a book of blessings created to encourage  others. It is inspired by The Blessing - our favorite and we look forward to hearing it as Pastor Rick Cole makes this declaration at the end of Sunday services.

Creative Expressions


First impressions matter. When you give a gift, a favor, or create a tablescape, your thoughtfulness reflects the love you have for the recipient.  In essence you are saying, "You are important to us." Each of these creative expressions are gifts, packaged to reflect your excitement in preparing them.  It all starts with Packaging from the HeartTM.

black and white box, fall flowers, gift box

Quick and Simple Packaging!

A simple box from our local craft store, embellished with a fall flower and ribbon, creates a quick and perfect way to present a special gift.

A Simple Expression of Thanks!

Turn a box of gourmet candy into a memorable gift by adding embellishments with a sentiment..